8 Easy Steps to Select Lightning Rod Materials for Your Building

building materials for lightning safety


1. Carefully STUDY the page titled “Why You Should Protect Your Home Against Lightning.”

2. Make a simple drawing of your building’s roof plan with measurements (length, height, width, etc.).

3. Study the Example Installation.

4. Draw on your diagram the location of Cable, Roof and Ground Rods, etc. (Refer to the Example Installation to see how this is done.)

5. Study each piece of equipment in our web site. You will need at least the following items for your lightning protection system:


6. Make a list of what you will need – add a little extra cable to allow for bends and ground rod connections, etc.

7. Decide if you want copper or aluminum materials.

8. Order online or call in to place your order. We have many parts that are available and not shown online.  Too much information can confuse people so we list just the basics but we can cover any type of situation.

NEVER use aluminum for grounding.  Transition from aluminum cable to copper cable by using the bimetallic connector #M3