Damage Photos

Is there something wrong with this house?

damaged roof from lightning


This unnecessary loss could have been prevented with LIGHTNING RODS! $215,000 of damage from a LIGHTNING BOLT.

The roof took a direct hit and caused $215,000 worth of damage. Fortunately the owners were not home. Inside the house was gutted, most floors and walls had to be replaced due to the lightning putting hundreds of holes in the water pipes and causing extensive water damage. All of the electric wires had to be replaced, there were hundreds of burned spots on the wires that arced through the insulation. The chimneys and foundation suffered severe structural damage. The only thing salvageable was the shell! Look closely at the middle chimney, it had to be strapped with plywood to keep it from falling down.

Photo #1 shows the main electric panel on the floor, all wiring and everything that was plugged in was very severely burned and melted. Fortunately the owner was in an upstairs bedroom away from electrical equipment.

lightning damage

Look at the washtub. Lightning followed around the fiberglass tub to get to the hot water pipe. Testing revealed that there was no connection between the hot and cold water pipes.

damage from lightning

fan damange from storms and lightning

Fan blades are completely melted together.

stove distoryed from lightning

The current jumped to chrome counter top edge and followed it to the metal pie plate. Look at the bottom of the plate and the dot at the middle left. The two metals were fused (welded) together. The plate could not be removed!!

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