Diagrams and Instructions

Match your roof line to one of these below to get started so you know the path to run your cable and calculate footage of product you need.

Grounding Techniques and examples below with ground rods or ground plates.

Aluminum Grounding Detail:

grounding techniques


Order # M3 Bi-Metal Splicer


Grounding plate

All buildings must have two groundings as widely separated as possible, preferably at diagonally opposite corners if perimeter, distance around, is 250 feet or less.

If building perimeter is between 250 feet and 350 feet, then three groundings are required. If between 350 feet and 450 feet, then four groundings, etc.

Lightning Protection Systems shall be applied to metal covered buildings in like manner as on buildings without metal coverings.

Cables shall be free of sharp turns and “u” or “v” pockets. Cables shall maintain a horizontal or downward course.

Lightning Protection Installation

Lightning Bases

Illustration of cable going over eaves and gutter spouts.  Gentle curve and loop.

lightning cable eve

This diagram will help you in almost any scenario. Your house will vary but just add the sections of you house that are not in this diagram and you should be able to plan your entire system with little or no help.

If possible, place one Ground Rod near the electric service ground and make a connection to the ground wire – use Multi-purpose clamp and a short piece of wire. You can make a small trench and bury the wire.

home install of lightning protection

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