About Conductor Cable

Note:  If you are using aluminum cable, all components must be aluminum until you get to your grounding location.  Then you must use a Bimetal connector and transition to at least 5 feet of copper cable per ground location. Grounding must be 2 feet away from the structure, connection between copper and aluminum must be made 12” to 16”  above grade and the connection on the copper cable and ground rod or plate must be made 2 feet below grade.  A ground plate must be buried flat at least 2 feet below grade or if using a ground rod, the top must be buried two feet below grade regardless of the length of the ground rod.  Minimum specs for ground rods are at least 1/2” dia. x 8’ long.  Using a ten foot ground rod will not cure the dilemma of not having to bury the top of the ground rod 2 feet below grade.

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